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What Are The First Signs Of Shingles?

Shingles is a virus that can be extremely painful, even frightening at times. It is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. Therefore, anyone who has ever had chickenpox is susceptible to it.

Most people have seen pictures of the rash associated with this disease. When it appears, it often presents as raised, red areas of skin that run in a strip along either the left or right side of the body. The rash is most commonly found on the torso. However, it is possible to develop a rash on the face or neck. It should also be noted that it is possible to develop shingles without coming down with a rash.

Below are the first symptoms typically associated with the virus. While every person who has the virus is unlikely to develop every sign, these are most commonly found in the majority of patients.


shingles pain

It is not at all uncommon for pain to be the first symptom associated with this disease. In fact, the pain has a tendency to develop long before the rash appears. As previously mentioned, the rash may not develop for all patients. Therefore, it isn’t always possible to wait until the rash occurs in order to determine that the patient has the virus definitively. In some cases, pain and other symptoms may occur on their own.

The pain that occurs with this disease can be excruciating. As a result, it is often difficult for patients to move about freely or continue with their daily routines. Some patients may even mistake the pain for something that is potentially even more serious, such as a heart problem.

Sensitive Skin

Patients who have the virus often find it challenging to allow anything to touch the affected area. For example, they may not be able to sleep if the sheets touch the affected skin. It may be almost impossible for them to allow clothing to touch the skin by the same token. Not only is the skin sensitive to even the lightest touch, but it also tends to burn and itch simultaneously. To make matters even worse, these reactions can increase as the skin becomes more irritated. Therefore, constantly coming into contact with the affected skin may only serve to make the situation even more uncomfortable over time.


It has already been mentioned that not all patients will develop a rash. For those that do, it usually occurs a few days after the initial pain and tenderness. As the disease progresses, the rash may become more intense. The pustules that develop on the skin could potentially break, causing a relatively large amount of fluid loss. Unfortunately, the pain also tends to get worse during this phase.

Light Sensitivity

Surprisingly, one of the symptoms that patients sometimes develop is sensitivity to light. It isn’t uncommon to see patients who have been diagnosed with the virus staying to themselves in dark rooms. This is because the disease can make it difficult for them to adjust to normal levels of light. When sensitivity to light does occur, it often causes a whole host of other symptoms. As such, patients may experience eye pain or headache. Both of these factors can be exacerbated by higher levels of light. Therefore, many patients simply find it easier to stay in darker rooms where they may experience slightly less discomfort.


Most individuals who develop the disease eventually end up running a fever. In some cases, the fever can get relatively high. As with any fever, it is vital to monitor the patient’s temperature and ensure that professional medical care is received quickly if the fever gets too high.


Clearly, almost anyone who is combatting this virus is likely to experience a high amount of fatigue. Virtually any individual who is running a fever will feel tired. Since pain and increased sensitivity to light and touch can also have an adverse impact on energy levels, the fatigue is likely to be more profound.

Managing Pain

emergency care shingles

Most people who contract the virus are searching for a way to help manage the pain. Unfortunately, it takes several days to run its course. That often leaves patients looking for something that can potentially reduce the amount of discomfort they are experiencing. One thing that could potentially be effective in making patients more comfortable is EMUAIDMAX First Aid Ointment. In fact, there are a number of EMUAIDMAX reviews that suggest it could be as effective in helping to manage the pain associated with the virus as many other types of pain relievers, both topical and otherwise.

When To Seek Emergency Care

Unfortunately, there are times when patients affected by the virus should seek emergency care right away. As previously mentioned, a high fever can quickly become a medical emergency. Therefore, anyone who experiences a fever over 103 degrees Fahrenheit should seek emergency medical attention. The same is true for those who have a fever that keeps returning and cannot be successfully managed with over the counter medications.

Similarly, patients who experience a rash near their eyes should seek medical care right away. The virus can cause permanent damage to the affected eye. It is imperative to seek care as soon as a potential problem becomes evident. By waiting too long to take action, it may become impossible to treat the virus successfully in order to preserve vision.

Last but not least, patients who are in extreme pain should seek care. While it is true that the pain from the virus can be rather severe, anyone who finds the pain to be unbearable should not hesitate to seek emergency medical care. This is especially true for anyone who has underlying medical conditions that could potentially cause complications. It also holds true for those who have a weak immune system, as the body is less able to fight off the virus successfully.

This disease is not something to be taken lightly. It is far more than a mere disruption to one’s daily activities. Under certain circumstances, it can be a genuine medical emergency. Even for those patients who aren’t as severely affected, it can still prove painful enough to prevent them from being productive. That is precisely why it is so important to carefully monitor the disease and use products such as EMUAIDMAX First Aid Ointment that may potentially provide some temporary relief.